Wednesday, June 20, 2007

July 15th, an Important Moment For American Broadcasters

On July 15, absent a stay by the appellate courts, the new license rates for internet radio stations come into effect. As I’ve noted before (see my post “Jesse And Me”) – we’re headed down a path of pushing American broadcasters overseas. Where has the value of free speech gone? At BroadClip we're confident that our business won't be much affected by the new rates, but like everyone else we think that the variety of internet radio is worth protecting, and we feel that our government should not be taking a stand against the small operators who are responsible for so much of its vitality.

Several parties have filed notices that they will appeal the Copyright Royalty Board's decision to the Federal Circuit, and DiMA has sought a stay of the new rates, but as of now the Federal Circuit has not made any decision about the stay. In Congress, while the Internet Radio Equality Act now has 119 co-sponsors in the House, and three Senators have signed on. Congress has moved quickly (for Congress!), but time is running out.

Therefore, we are joining with other internet radio focused businesses to call attention to this issue by participating in the Day of Silence on June 26th. New users can sign up for an account, but we will not be recording any songs on that date. We do not want to take this step, but we feel that this issue is important enough that we must participate.

Thank you for your understanding, and remember to keep contacting your Senators and your Representative in the House to keep internet music alive!

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